The Epidemiology Research Group for Organ Transplantation is going to Boston in June for ATC 2016!

Scientific American (Oct 2013): The Liver Transplant Divide

If you need a liver and live in Boston, your chance of getting one in time is about 53 percent. Drive a couple of hours southwest to Connecticut, and your chances jump to 85 percent. The difference is encapsulated in the national organ transplant map, which divides the U.S. into self-contained districts of organ allocation. Among other factors, …

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Time Magazine (Sep 2005): Calculating Change: The Kidney Connection: Math Makes a Match

Pairing came naturally to Dorry Segev, a transplant surgeon, and his wife Sommer Gentry, a mathematician. After meeting in 1999 at a swing-dance competition in Stamford, Conn., the couple became dance partners and went on to win British lindy-hop …

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