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Sometimes you may have missed in the application and it should have given her cousin, but it could be that you have never had the slightest idea about the conditions until things were too late. But if you believe that your work is done properly, does not show that the game with money or other site irregularities expected. Take your time, talk to other players in the same place and a reality check, if it is normal that the site is at all. If the answer is yes, and his best mark. In the negative aspects of their evaluation

A study must be one-sided, since most of them. You have advantages and disadvantages. It is also important not to exaggerate in one for or against. It is one write a negative review. When you enter personal remorse cease'll call me. Be polite and give her pain in a language decent.

If you feel helpless and alone, affected by a negative side, it is best that can be said, but at the end of the line indicates that there are other people who also had a better experience. Do not wear a lot of players under its aegis negative unhappy if they already do very well.

Before commenting navigation of the site may be thinking when you took a warm-up to learn about the different keys. If you have not used references of great help here, not comment on the right to a good navigation. Many people commented on the poor navigation, or even clicked on a column for help. She is lazy is not the right size for comment on a website. Be critical and write about what is actually there.