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Led by Dave Devilfish Ulliott, this DVD uses the backdrop of a real life poker game with tips from 11 of the best players in the world who have an astounding 50 WSOP bracelets between them including Phil Ivey, Doyle Brunson, Phil Hellmuth. They will teach you all about the game, the types of players, the pitfalls, recovery and transform you into a poker-faced professional. Dave also reveals his proven poker rules including:- The right starting cards Calculating odds Playing the right online opponents Dealing with Tilt When to be aggressive When to fold Bankroll management The Players: Doyle Brunson - The grandfather of poker. 10 WSOP bracelets. Phil Hellmuth - The world record holder with 11 WSOP bracelets. As of 2008, his total live tournament winnings exceed $10,600,000. Phil Ivey - won over $16 million over three days playing heads-up against Texas billionaire Andy Beal. 5 WSOP bracelets Scotty Nguyen - Before getting the crucial call at WSOP 98 Scotty said "You call, gonna be all over, baby!". The man called, Scotty won. 5 world series bracelets. Allen Cunningham - Voted best all round player under 35. 5 WSOP bracelets. Howard Lederer - Lederer is known as "The Professor" because of his demeanour, analytical style and long history of wins. 2 WSOP bracelets Patrick Antonius - Finnish former model. Shorthanded and head up specialist at 'nose bleed' $4000/$8000 blinds. Brian Townsend - Went from playing .25c/.50c to crushing the highest online limits within 36 months. Layne Flack - Ultra high stakes prop bettor. 6 WSOP bracelets. Chris 'Jesus' Ferguson - Has been taught game theory since birth. 5 WSOP bracelets. Barry Greenstein. Barry is known as 'The Robin hood of Poker' for giving away all his tournament winnings for many years. DVD Extras More tips from the stars over a hour of extra tips from leading World Series of Poker bracelet winners Devilfishs rules Devilfish Poker PC Game Out on DVD in the UK 1st December 2008

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I thought I'd share my somewhat horrific Halloween costume with you and Kevin Smith stalks me again as I catch him on CBC Radio and urge him to come use our great city to film in... and play some poker. Filmmaker Gavin Michael Booth is on a mission to meet the Hollywood professionals that have inspired him in his career thus far. Steven Spielberg, Kevin Smith, Jimmy Eat World, Zach Braff, Tom Anderson, Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, Johnny Depp, Harry Knowles, Dan Mirvish, Bryan Singer, and Ellen DeGeneres. Click here to see the daily video journals from Gavin as he asks, pleads, begs, whines for these people to sit down for dinner and offer advice and encouragement for his directing career. If you have a lead... contact Gavin: 519.560.1673 [email protected]

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In the card game of War, players engaged in a war put three cards face down followed by a face-up battle card. Break a tie in the family card game of War with the tips in this free video on popular card games from a poker professional.

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coral's stand future poker players lol

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Added: October 31, 2008 online poke make money online online poker tips online poker pro reveals how to make money online with his strategies and tips

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